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The Cotswold Savoyards presents


16 November - 24 November

Iolanthe is a brilliantly funny, satirical fantasy revealing a typically Gilbert & Sullivan topsy-turvy worldview. Based on W.S. Gilbert's Bab Ballad 'The Fairy Curate', Iolanthe is set 25 years after fairy Iolanthe committed the ultimate crime: marrying a mortal. Pardoned for her crime she begs the Fairy Queen to help her half-human, half-fairy son Strephon to marry his beloved Phyllis.

Unfortunately the scheming Lord Chancellor wants Phyllis for himself, so naturally the fairies invade Parliament so the boy can win the girl (and have a lot of fun with a few peers).


The Playhouse presents

Informal Quiz Night

18 November

We're having an informal quiz night in our green room. Informal in the sense that you just need to turn up; if you don't already have a team, we'll find one for you! Entry is just £1 and there will also be a raffle for theatre funds.

A fun social evening rather than a serious competitive quiz (although we may have one of those next year)!

Jacob’s Well Productions presents

Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

28 November - 1 December

Old Jacob has a dozen sons, but Joseph is his favourite. When the dreams begin, resentment turns to rage and Joseph is soon lost in an inhospitable land. However, even in his bleakest hour, the God of his ancestors has not forgotten him: the most powerful man in the ancient world is in trouble - and only Joseph can help...

Come and relive this 50th anniversary production of the immortal musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice - a tale of one boy's fall from grace and rise to providence. With classics such as Any Dream Will Do, Song of The King and Close Every Door, it's no wonder this show has stood the test of time.

Jacob's Well have thrilled audiences for the past 19 years with their fresh, funny and often surprising performances. This crowd-pleasing production follows the sell-out smash of last year's adaptation of A Christmas Carol.

Praise for past productions: "Moving... hilarious" "A triumph"

In support of The Primary Trauma Care Foundation

Noodle presents

The Hatter in Winterland

15 December - 28 December

Far away from the mad comfort of Wonderland, this December the Hatter finds himself stranded in Winterland! Hysterical, silly and a little bit frightened, he must discover how he got there in order to find his way back home for the Christmas tea party…and all before the Jabberwocky's curse freezes him in Winterland forever.

This brand new, two-act adaptation is brought to you by the creative team behind the sell-out success, Grandma Claus: Waiting for Santa. Last year, Grandma reminded everyone that Christmas 'is about spending time with your family'. This Christmas, Hatter is here, wearing his heart on his sleeve, proving that 'very few things indeed are impossible'.

New pricing structure this year - selected performances have been designated 'off peak' performances and these are priced slightly cheaper than other performances.

Schools & Youth Groups - groups of 10 or more, each ticket just £8.50 (please contact box office directly)

Relaxed performance on Friday 28 December at 12 noon - perfect for anyone who would benefit from a more relaxed performance environment, including those with an autism spectrum condition or learning disability. The lights in the audience will be up so that it's not too dark, you can make noise during the show and you can come and go as you please. We also make small changes to the lighting and sound effects so that the performance is more accessible if you have sensory sensitivities. Special pricing applies.

OFFSTAGE Theatre Group presents

Tony Slattery's Crimes Against Improv

26 January

Yes, it's Tony Slattery and a team of local improvisers pitting their wits against each other. They'll be doing silly things because the audience say so. During the course of the evening, with comedy improvisation on trial, the audience will decide at the end whether the verdict is GUILTY or NOT GUILTY. Will Mr. Slattery be locked up in improvisation hell forever? Only you can decide.

Come along and find out whether the improvisers escape out of an open window or are locked under the stage forever.

A member of the famous Comedy Store Players, Tony Slattery has appeared as a regular on Channel 4's 'Whose Line Is It Anyway?', as well as appearing in films such as 'Peter's Friends', 'To Die For', 'The Crying Game' and 'How To Get Ahead In Advertising'. He's also made appearances in BBC's 'Robin Hood' series, ITV's 'Kingdom', 'Coronation Street' and 'Bad Girls'. His stage work includes the lead in 'Me & My Girl' and new 'Whose Line Is It Anyway?' shows at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and the Royal Albert Hall. Also featuring David Clarke, Barnaby Eaton-Jones, Allan Lear, Horston Longsail and Verity Smith.
Cheltenham Operatic & Dramatic Society presents

A Bunch of Amateurs

2 February - 9 February

Keen to boost his flagging career, fading Hollywood action hero Jefferson Steele arrives in England to play King Lear in Stratford – only to find that this is not the birthplace of the Bard, but a sleepy Suffolk village. And instead of Kenneth Branagh and Dame Judi Dench, the cast are a bunch of amateurs trying to save their theatre from developers. Jefferson's monstrous ego, vanity and insecurity are tested to the limit by the enthusiastic amateur thespians.

This hilarious comedy is from the pens of Ian Hislop and Nick Newman, who between them have written for Private Eye, Spitting Image, Murder Most Horrid and Have I Got News For You.

Chambers Touring Ltd presents

Stuart Goldsmith: End Of

20 March

"Truly a comedy masterclass... Endlessly inventive" The List

Stu's back with a comic odyssey on how it works out in the end, and whether anyone cares. Intelligent stand-up comedy for everybody, but of particular interest to people over thirty who've lost touch with all their old friends and can't eat just one pain au chocolat. Featuring ultimates, absolutes and surprisingly few conclusions.

"Expert, charming stand-up" The Sunday Times

"A master of the form" The Independent

Host of The Comedian's Comedian Podcast (10 million downloads)

As seen on As Yet Untitled (Dave) and Russell Howard's Stand Up Central (Comedy Central)