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Noodle presents

An Evening with Leo Roberts

6 December

Leo is a West End leading man and British baritone whose career encompasses West End musicals, National tours, iconic concerts and live radio events.

He grew up in Cheltenham performing at Theatre Studio here at the Playhouse where his passion for acting, music and live theatre was born. At the age of 18 he was awarded a full scholarship at Arts Educational London but following an appearance as lead vocalist on BBC's Friday Night is Music Night he left drama school early at the age of 20 to start his career in Les Miserables where he appeared as Javert and The Bishop of Digne. He then joined the original cast of Shrek The Musical where he alternated the title role, followed by the role of Steve Baker in the West End revival of Show Boat.

Recently he played the role of Riff in West Side Story at the BBC Proms in the Royal Albert Hall and after six years he has returned to the All-Star Concert Version of Les Miserables currently playing at the Gielgud Theatre London along side Alfie Boe and Michael Ball.

Leo is thrilled to be returning to his Playhouse home where it all began performing songs for his debut album that will be recorded in January 2020.

Book before 1 November and all seats are £9 (price will automatically amend on booking)

Noodle presents

The Femmes

7 December

The Femmes are back in town and they are inviting you to join them for an evening of Hollywood glamour and festive cheer. Joined by their special guests, the Theatre Studio Choir, expect glitz, sophistication and a sprinkle of Christmas this December!

The Playhouse presents

Volunteers' Christmas Coffee Morning

11 December

Coffee Mornings allow our existing volunteers can get to know each other better over a slice of cake or for new potential volunteers to drop in and find out more about us. This month, volunteers will get the chance to meet the cast of our professional Christmas production of Tom's Midnight Garden.

If you'd be interested in attending or learning more about becoming a volunteer to help with front of house duties or technically backstage, please send an email to our Volunteer Manager, Liz Maisey, at [email protected] and she'll invite you to our next Coffee Morning or arrange to meet you separately one evening at the theatre. But do feel free to just drop in to our lounge bar at 11 am on this date if you wish!

House Full Productions presents

Tom's Midnight Garden

14 December - 24 December

When his brother catches the measles, Tom is sent to stay with his Aunt Gwen and Uncle Alan in their upstairs flat in a big house. Tom isn't allowed out to play, in case he is infectious, but it wouldn't matter much anyway – the big house has no garden any more, having been sold for building land.

Tom is lonely and bored with little to do until one night he hears the grandfather clock in the hallway strike thirteen times. He creeps downstairs to investigate, throws open the back door, and where there used to be just a small yard he discovers a large and beautiful garden. Clearly, something strange is happening; every time the clock strikes thirteen Tom is transported back in time to the secret garden where he befriends an unhappy Victorian orphan, Hatty, and they have a series of adventures. But just what is the secret behind the magical midnight garden?

This wonderful adaptation of one of the most beloved children's books of all time is a real treat for the whole family this Christmas.

Relaxed Performance on Sunday 15 December at 14.00: perfect for anyone who would benefit from a more relaxed performance environment, including those with an autism spectrum condition or learning disability. The lights in the auditorium will be up so that it's not too dark, you can make noise during the show and you can come and go as you please. We also make small changes to the lighting and sound effects so that the performance is more accessible if you have sensory sensitivities. Special pricing applies - all seats £10.

CODS Choir presents

Christmas Concert

14 December

The ever popular Cheltenham Community Choir are back again for their fabulously festive Christmas Concert. Held this year at Dean Close School's Centenary Hall, this marks the date for all things festive. Expect mince pies, well known show favourites, familiar classics and, of course, no Christmas event would be complete without Christmas carols.

The popularity of this event means that it will sell out, so make sure you get your tickets before it's too late and join us in an evening of festive celebrations.



Cheltenham Operatic & Dramatic Society presents

Goodnight Mr Tom

31 January - 8 February

One of the most uplifting stories ever written and set during the dark and dangerous build up to the Second World War, we follow sad young William Beech as he is evacuated to the idyllic countryside where he builds a moving friendship with the elderly recluse Tom Oakley and his dog Sammy.

A tale of two broken souls at very different ends of the age scale, this heart-warming and Olivier Award-winning play celebrates the value of love and proves that friendship knows no barriers.

John Thaw starred in the hugely successful television film version of the story in 1998 which won both a BAFTA and a National Television Award.

Suitable for young and old this inspiring story will send you home with a tear and a smile. Written by award-winning author David Wood, who also wrote the Playhouse 2019 Christmas production of Tom's Midnight Garden, missing this heart-warming show would be a crime.

"Enchanting, not a dry eye in the house" - The Independent

22 February

"The one thing I've always done - been lucky enough to do - in my career: take on challenges. I like things that are dangerous. I like a sense of danger." - Nickolas Grace

Celebrating 50 years in the business they call show, acclaimed actor Nickolas Grace will be spilling the beans with some cheeky gossip, amusing anecdotes, racy revelations and delving back into his characters he's brought to life from Brideshead Revisited to Robin of Sherwood and everything before, in-between and after! He's conquered stage, screen (big and small) and radio - all with equal aplomb.

Come and spend a day with His Grace at the Playhouse in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. There will be interviews on stage, clips from his career, a special workshop session, some funny business and even more besides. You'll also have the opportunity to have your photo taken with His Grace, as well as an autograph or two.

Our event runs from 10:30 am - 4:30 pm. Your lunch will be provided - with Nickolas himself mingling among the munchers - and there is a licensed bar at the theatre which also sells snacks for the extra peckish.

At 6:00 pm, there will be a half an hour Q&A about the free screening of one of his favourite movies at 6:30 pm.

Interviews will be conducted by Paul Scott and Barnaby Eaton-Jones.

The National Production Company presents

Jekyll & Hyde - a very sensible farce

28 February

A show that stays true to the original tale whilst embracing the comedic magic of theatre in a hilarious fast paced spin! Full of unexpected highs and lows, quick costume changes and sharp wit, enjoy this classic novella as one wild ride that will leave you breathless and helpless with laughter.

Set against the backdrop of a charity organisation, the Catherstone Risdake Amateur Players, attempting to extort donations from their adoring local community to raise funds for lavish sets, high profile actors and a 'business trip' to the Bahamas. See how they creatively tell the tale of Dr. Henry Jekyll who believes there are two distinct sides to man - a good and an evil. Journey with this experimental scientist as he fashions a controversial concoction that transforms him, not only into an evil man, but a vile monster!

A comedy with all the drama left in!

The Album Project presents

1973: A Year In Rock

20 March - 21 March

After an absence of 18 months, the hugely popular Album Project are back - and following their previous successful gigs recreating whole albums on stage from the likes of The Who, Fleetwood Mac, Pink Floyd and The Eagles - their new show is most definitely "the gig of the year"!

A cursory look at the music released in 1973 will show that some of Rock music's most seminal albums burst into the public consciousness. The Album Project will perform some of the finest tracks off these albums plus songs that were in the top 100 selling singles of that year. There will be some old favourites, and some surprises spanning a range of genres. Something for everyone!

This is obviously a slight change in direction for the band and there will be an increased emphasis on the multi media visual element of the show. Expect the usual standard of high class musicianship with some new faces added to take the band to what will be another level.

House Full Productions presents

The Dowager's Oyster starring Dr Evadne Hinge

23 September - 26 September

BOOKING OPENS TUESDAY 7 JANUARY 2020 at 10 am (online and telephone)

We're very pleased to announce that a legend of British comedy is to come out of retirement in France to appear in a musical romp here next year as part of our 75th anniversary celebrations. The Dowager's Oyster is described as a light opera that captures the comic book charades of a 1920s murder mystery farce and at its heart is the return to the stage of Dr Evadne Hinge, one half of the enormously popular double act Hinge and Bracket which entertained audiences with their songs and 'theatrical memories' for 30 years.

The story so far...

Persephone, Lady Tindale, sits in her boudoir, deep in thought. Cynthia, her only daughter, has recently become engaged. The Honourable Freddy Marriott would appear to be on the surface an admirable choice of fiancé. But the Dowager has doubts about him. Serious doubts. And now feather-headed Cynthia seems to be set on planning a trip to France. And she wants her mother to accompany her. The Dowager has never up till now encountered a situation she was unable to dominate and control through the sheer force of her personality. But she is about to come up against circumstances unparalleled in her experience.

Musically, the show has a roaring 1920s dance band score that nods to Gilbert and Sullivan with a twist of Kurt Weill and with just four performances scheduled we are expecting a sell out run long before the show opens - be prepared to book early!