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Cheltenham International Film Festival presents

Between Two Worlds

24 May
Between Two Worlds

Dir: Emmanuel Carrère

Like a gallic take on Ken Loach, this gritty yet good humoured fact-based drama stars Juliette Binoche as Marianne, a writer researching insecure work, who takes a cleaning job undercover on a cross-channel ferry. The work is gruelling: low pay, long hours, unsympathetic management. The staff are mostly women, and Marianne becomes especially close to Chrystèle (Hélène Lambert, one of several non-professionals playing versions of themselves), a single mother. But Chrystèle is suspicious of Marianne’s cover-story and a falling-out is inevitable. The film was a passion-project for Binoche, who pursued the journalist (Florence Aubenas) whose investigative book (The Night Cleaner) formed the basis for the story.

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Times & Prices

Date Time Venue Full Price Under 25s
Tuesday, 24th May 2022 18:30 Main House £12 £5