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Comic Sans Script presents

Impro-Clash 2

18 May

The Playhouse's resident improvised comedy group, Comic Sans Script, are back to re-live all the danger, drama and excitement that was February's Impro-Clash 1 in an epic rematch that's guaranteed not to be forgotten!

The team captains have re-vitalised, re-strategised and re-energised with new combinations of players and games to entertain and delight you with. This is all so that their team, and only their team, will be victorious and win a fantastic prize from the legendary 'box of prizes'. Past prizes have included: a home edition of popular TV show 'Countdown'; a mounted chaffinch; and a cassette tape of Tease Me by Chaka Demus & Pliers.

So if you like the improvised fun of 'Whose Line Is It Anyway?', having a great time with all the family, and waving glow-sticks to determine the winners of competitions then we'll see you there!

Times & Prices

Date Time Venue All seats Concessions
Saturday, 18th May 2019 19:30 Main House £8 -