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House Full Productions presents

FILM: Passport To Pimlico (U)

11 May
FILM: Passport To Pimlico (U)

Directed by Henry Cornelius

We're celebrating the Ealing Studios Films with a special day screening three of their best comedies, all of which were released 70 years ago in 1949. The second film, Passport to Pimlico, couldn't be more appropriate or topical in this time of Brexit!

When an un-exploded WWII bomb is accidentally detonated in Pimlico, London, it reveals a treasure trove. They find documents proving that the region is, in fact, part of Burgundy, France and thus foreign territory. The British government attempts to regain control by setting up border controls and cutting off services to the area. The 'Burgundians' fight back. The cast includes Margaret Rutherford, Stanley Holloway and a young Charles Hawtrey.


87 minutes

Times & Prices

Date Time Venue All seats Concessions
Saturday, 11th May 2019 14:00 Main House £7 -