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House Full Productions presents

FILM: Carry On Cleo (PG)

28 March
FILM: Carry On Cleo (PG)

Directed by Gerald Thomas

"Infamy, infamy, they've all got it in for me!"

Join the Carry On team at the height of their success as they mercilessly lampoon (and make use of the sets from) Elizabeth Taylor's film version of Cleopatra. Kenneth Connor plays Hengist Pod (Sheila Hancock is his wife, Senna) and Jim Dale his friend Horsa who find themselves under the tyranny of Julius Caesar (Kenneth Williams) and his friend Mark Antony (Sid James). Also starring Charles Hawtrey, Joan Sims, Jon Pertwee and Amanda Barrie.


91 minutes

Times & Prices

Date Time Venue All seats
Thursday, 28th March 2019 19:30 Main House £7