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Playhouse Arts presents

The Omen (18)

29 October
The Omen (18)

Directed by Richard Donner

“And then, when he is certain to inherit all that is yours, then, Mr. Thorn...he will kill you.”

When his wife delivers a still born child in hospital, US diplomat Robert Thorn is approached by a priest who proposes that he takes a new-born baby whose mother has just died in childbirth. Without telling his wife, he agrees. A few years later, now Ambassador to Great Britain and living in London, another priest arrives warning Richard that he and his wife are in danger and that the child is evil. Then the deaths start to occur…

Starring Gregory Peck, Lee Remick, Billie Whitelaw, David Warner and Patrick Troughton.

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Running time 1 hr 50 mins

Times & Prices

Date Time Venue Full Price Concessions
Friday, 29th October 2021 19:30 Main House £7.50 -