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House Full Productions presents

Poltergeist (15)

31 October
Poltergeist (15)

Directed by Tobe Hooper

The original version, especially for Halloween!

The Freelings are a typical suburban family. Husband Steve sells real estate in their ever expanding subdivision and Diane is a stay at home mom caring for their three kids, Dana, Robbie and little Carol Anne. Strange things being to happen in the house however: cupboard doors open on their own, furniture rearranges itself and chairs go sliding across the kitchen floor. It's a bit of whimsy at first but soon becomes deadly serious when Carol Anne vanishes into a nether world where, oddly, she can only be communicated with through the white noise on their television. A team of paranormal investigators move into the house but the forces that kidnapped are evil and powerful requiring the services of Tangina, a woman who has dealt with this situation before.

A maximum of 64 seats are available and must be booked online in advance. A fixed seating plan offering single seats, pairs, threes and fours are available to ensure events are viable.

You can read about what the theatre has done to meet government guidance on resuming operations by clicking HERE

We hope to be able to offer the option to order drinks in advance so they will be ready and waiting for you on arrival; we will email all ticket holders in advance of the performance with instructions!


Cert 15

Times & Prices

Date Time Venue Full Price Concessions
Saturday, 31st October 2020 19:30 Main House £7 -