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House Full Productions presents

Gremlins (12A)

21 December
Gremlins (12A)

Starring Gizmo
Directed by Joe Dante

He may look like a cute ball of fur - and he is - but you were warned not to let him get wet or feed him after midnight. The town of Bedford Falls is in for a very unhappy Christmas...

A maximum of 72 seats is available in our socially-distanced auditorium using a fixed seating plan that offers a mix of single seats, pairs, trios, quartets and a quintet; however, the seats are grouped so that it is not possible to book three seats from a group of four. This is to try to maximise capacity to ensure events are viable. We will be monitoring the bookings and adapting the plan should it become clear that we need to offer more pairs, more threes etc. One wheelchair seat plus carer is available per screening- please contact [email protected] to arrange to book this seat. At the present time, only online bookings are accepted.

You will need to wear a mask but this may be removed when drinking. There will be no bar facility before or after the screening so please feel free to bring a bottle of water or soft drink with you.

You can read about what the theatre has done to meet government guidance on resuming operations by clicking HERE


Children under 12 must be accompanied
Running time 1 hour 46 minutes

Times & Prices

Date Time Venue Adults 12-18 Children
Monday, 21st December 2020 19:30 Main House £7 £6 £6