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Playhouse Company Auditions for Aaron Sorkin's A FEW GOOD MEN

Play reading: 7.30 pm Wednesday 27 February

Auditions: 2.00 pm Sunday 3 March

Production dates: Friday 14, Saturday 15, Tuesday 18 - Saturday 22 June

Director: Sally Lewis

The stage version of the hit film that starred Jack "Can you handle the truth?" Nicholson, Tom Cruise and Demi Moore. Two US Marines are charged with being complicit in the death of a fellow squadron member; it falls to the callow Daniel Kaffee to defend the two men. At first it seems like an open and shut case, but when the accused men refuse to accept his bargaining plea, frustrations reveal they were only following orders. As he delves deeper it becomes clear that moral superiority, rank, and conscience all factor in to paint a very different sequence of events. Bringing this revelation to light is one thing but proving is quite another, especially when up against the fierce loyalty of long standing Marines.

Character sketches:

DAWSON: Early 20s. Marine who attacks Santiago. Believes in the importance of the Code & Corps. Downey's superior.
Pages 7 & 8 (Speedy strong statements)
Pages 51 & 52 (Show his dedication to the Marines)

DOWNEY: Early 19/20s. Marine who attacks Santiago. Believes in the importance of the Code & Corps.
Pages 7 & 8 (Speedy strong statements)
Page 23 (Show his weak & nervous side)
(I would like to audition Dawson & Downey together for pages 7 & 8

SAM WEINBERG: Late 20s to early 40s. JAG Lawyer (Jewish) & Kaffee's friend. One of the smart kids & often tasked with keeping Kaffee in line.
Pages 8 & 9 (Show a nice speedy dialogue)
Pages 34 & 35 (Relaxed 'Daddy' dialogue & show some fun with Danny)
Pages 69 to 71 (Show a cross, darker side to Sam)

DAN KAFFEE: Late 20s to late 30s. (Will accept young looking 40s!) JAG Lawyer known for settling cases out of court. Biding his time in the JAG corps until he can become a corporate lawyer. Son of a legendary lawyer & has big shoes to fit.
Pages 8 & 9 (Show the 'devil may care' side)
Pages 34 & 35 (Danny starts to 'think' about this case)
Page 100 to 101 (Try to break this passage up into 3 sections)
Pages 102 to 105 (Show control & drive thro dialogue with Jessop)

JO GALLOWAY: Late 20s to late 30s. JAG Lawyer. The only woman in the show & in a world of men. Takes her job very seriously but is perceived as a pain in the butt. All heart but not much experience.
Pages 9 to 12 (Show your keenness even tho you know your results aren't good!)
Pages 24 to 26 (Try...To show your rank over Danny)
Page 63 (Show the confident Lawyer in her)

COL JESSOP: 40s. Highest rank character at GITMO. A golden boy of whom great things are expected by the corps. Believes in the importance of the code & corps.
Pages 26 to 28 (This dialogue is full of vicious connotations)
Page 43 (Show his controlled slimy nature)
Page 106 (Show controlled 'thro the teeth' anger, rising to a slow boil at the end)

CAPT MARKINSON: 40s. Marine with strong feelings about what happened to Santiago. Outranked by Jessop despite being older than him.
Pages 72 to 73 (Covering as a reporter so not in military tone)
Page 88 (Although this will be your voiceover)

LT KENDRICK: 30s to 40s. Marine at GITMO & superior of Dawson & Downey. Believes in the importance of code & corps. Believes God is always watching
Pages 35 to 37 (Show complete authority over the lads)
Pages 81 to 83 (Show his complete dedication to the cause & God)

LT ROSS: Late 30s to 40s. JAG attorney & prosecutor in this case. A thorn in the side of Kaffee & team. Very experienced & well regarded.
Pages 32 to 33 (Off the record 'corridor' discussion with Kaffee)
Pages 78 to 79 (Courtroom authority)

COL RANDOLPH: 40s to 60s. The Judge at the trial. Tough but fair & understands the world of the Navy.
Page 105 (I'd like see real authority build up over Kaffee)
Page 108.
(Will also double as the Lawyer on Pages 12 & 14
(I am only using 1 Lawyer so read both Lawyers 1 & 2, please)

CAPT. WHITAKER: 40s & a chauvinist. JAG attorney, Kaffee & Weinberg's superior who is generally hassled.
Page 9 to 12 (Show he's a male chauvinist!)
(Double up as either the Orderly or Sergeant at Arms who needs to be good at drill)

CPL HOWARD: 20s. The same rank as Dawson. A key witness in what orders were given (or not) regarding Santiago. A Model Marine!
Pages 74 to 77 (A bit thick but dedicated to the corps & code !)

COMMANDER STONE: Any age. Doctor on site at GITMO. Struggles with meshing his morality as a doctor with his loyalties to the Marines.
Pages 59 to 60 (Feel the intimidation of Jessop)
Pages 63 to 65

SANTIAGO: Early 20s. Marine murdered at GITMO by Dawson & Downey. Was desperate to leave GITMO before this.
Page 19 speech (This will be a voice over as you're writing, but would like to hear emotion please)

ORDERLY Any age Pages 72 to 73
(Double up as Tom or the Sergeant at Arms who needs to be good at drill)

Corporal Hammaker & Corporal Dunn MPs. Any age, are Dawson & Downeys escort throughout the show. Have a scene with Kendrick so need slick marching!

For audition pieces or more information contact Lloyd Spencer on [email protected]